Thursday, November 20, 2008

[ A lovely little gift for me ]

These past few months i have come to realise that perhaps i have been keeping myself so busy so that i wont have to face, or have the time to face and think, about all the changes that have taken place over the past year in my life.
Now i think that part of the reason that i have let this go on is because i do like to be busy, i like having lots going on in my life and i feel as though i spent so many years with my ex just watching my life go that now that i was "free" i had to make up for lost time.
Now all of this is good and the things that i have been doing have been to better myself. I have really challenged myself this year and i have done so much growing, so much uncovering of who i am but at the same time i have been afraid too.
I guess that change is scary and when you come face to face with such a big change in your life you do go through patches of emotional ups and downs. Too be fair i have been more up than down but i have also noticed that i find myself battling to make decisions. I used to a good decision maker, i used to decide and stick with it until the end. Now i find that it takes me ages to decided and then when i have chosen i spend so much time doubting my decision that i end up giving up and not seeing my decision through simply because i am afraid that the decision that i have made is the wrong one and i will come out at the end of it having failed at yet another thing.
This is not a good place to be, not for me and not for my dreams. So i have decided that i am going to try to learn to trust myself a little more. To go with my gut feeling and to take a chance. I have a good head on me and my heart is in the right place so i just have to trust that God will work everything out for the best no matter what i decide or how it turns out.
Small steps - that's what they say right. So i have been thinking about what my dreams are for myself and for my future. Eleven months ago all of my dreams seemed to shatter and since then i haven't done much about picking them up. But not any more. I am finding my dreams again, i am taking more chances with my life and with my heart.
So the quote above is just something to remind myself to dream again, to take those chances that i seem to so desperately want to side step.
On a different note look what came through my postbox on Tuesday. I haven't had a parcel in months and months and i was so excited.

Thank you Kelli Perkins for this lovely gift. I have some time set aside this weekend to have a play!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chattsworth House - Dad's Birthday

As promised here are a few of the lovely photos from Dad's Birthday. We spent the day at Chattsworth Castle and then went home to have a lovely special dinner!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Some lovely clothing from the film Pride and Prejudice

A little something you don't normally find

The birthday boy and Paul

How cool is this sculpture out in the gardens?

The ceilings and walls were absolutely gorgeous throughout

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[ So whats going on? ]

Life is finally getting back to normal for me. It has taken a few weeks but life is returning to normality, my routines are starting to settle down again and I am beginning to feel more settled….Life is good again!

My heating and hot water is back up and running as of Monday evening. I can confirm that the heating is ace and the water seems to be alright. Now I say seems because I have not yet had a chance to have a hot bubble bath to test it out ( In case it sounds like I haven’t bathed in weeks I do have an electric shower…..hehe)

I have been at my new temping job for a week and a half now and I am enjoying it. I am starting to feel at ease with the systems and the responsibilities and most of all I love that it is so close to home. 3 miles to be exact. Most of my life now seems to be within 5 miles of home. Work, the gym, my parents, my best friend and my grocery shop. Absolutely fantab-la-roo!

Last night I went to the gym after not going for about two weeks. I had a great class but could definitely tell that I had not been in a while. My legs ache today but I am being a real trooper and have booked myself in for tonight’s Combatt class anyway!

It was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday so we spent a lovely family day at Chatsworth castle. This photo was taken there with my brother and I think it is a really nice photo. Its not often that you take photos of yourself that you just love! I have so many nice photos from Saturday that I think I am going to have to do a separate post for that.

Creating wise I am currently working on one canvas so nothing much there to show you guys but I did find the time to make myself a new jewellery holder for my room. For the past two months my jewellery has been sitting in a bowl in my underwear draw and I thought it was time that I put them out there for all to see. My jewellery that is and not my underwear…hehe.I also had my first date on Sunday. Movies and dinner with a very nice guy. Not sure how things will progress but I know that he is very keen and has already called and asked me out again....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

[ Christmas Challenge WI Results Week 4 ]

Week 4 has been a really tough week for me. To be honest, with everything that has been going on, i have not paid much attention to my exercise or my eating.

So lets see what has been going on this week and end of last.....
* I have had no heating
* I have had no hot water
* I had a gas leak Saturday morning, had to call the emergency national grid out who then proceeded to totally disconnect my gas supply to my flat which meant no cooker either
* We have had the first snow fall for the year
* I have been trying to get my refund paid by the local council for an overpayment that i made a few months back - like trying to get water out of a rock
* And to top it all off on Tuesday morning i was made redundant with effect immediately!

I have spent the past two days mopping around at home, feeling sorry for myself and eating myself out of house and home. Not such a good idea but at the moment i am picking my battles and food is just not one of them.
On a positive note though i do have an interview this morning for a temp to perm position which will start in one weeks time. That does mean a week with no money and then a week in hand but i will have to make a plan. If i do get this job then i will try to find a weeks work with Office Angels or something like that. Reception work, tea making, filling - i don't care....just something that will bring some money in.

I have also managed to do some painting these past few days. I am currently working on two canvass's and have almost finished my jewellery holder so I have some exciting photos to share soon.

Bearing all the above in mind, my Christmas Challenge WI Result for week 4 was a gain of 0.6lbs. Not bad at all considering how much i have eaten and the fact that i have not made it to the gym once this week or even last weekend.
Seeing as i feel i need to have some sort of pic to brighten things up, how about my little mushroom.
Ok, so its dead now but hey, that is so not the point!


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